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Oracle Data Change Notification in Clojure

I have been analysing a work-related thread related to how to integrate database “events”  – i.e. any information that reflects interesting actions or changes and that are currently in a RDBMS – with the IBM IOC. There are many ways to do it but each has different requirements and benefits and this is important when, […]

Speaking in the 2nd Meeting on Formal and Semi-formal Architecture methods

I’ve been invited by ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto – to speak on the subject of SmarterCities and in representation of IBM. I just came back from New York (was there for a week) and actually got some ideas about technology, urbanism and how people interact with them all from observing a city […]

Text Editor Madness Championship: and the winner is…

… Emacs. I find this result very representative and without a doubt something that is completely independent of the raising of awareness in #emacs. This scientific study proves what we already known empirically (that emacs rux0rs, vi sux0rz). I would like to take the opportunity to thank my two-years-old son Dinis for his vote as well: […]

Incipit liber primvs

Em Português faço o primeiro comentário, sendo que de ora avante provavelmente o utilitarismo terá preponderância sobre estética. Este espaço terá um pouco de tudo e será um repositório de ideias, desde informática a história, sendo de esperar que os assuntos sejam relativamente esotéricos em termos de audiência. … For all the rest, welcome and […]