Sending messages via Websphere MQ, a simple Clojure example

I have been exploring different ways to integrate information (in the context of SmarterCities work) with a central repository that can be used to correlate it. The IBM Intelligent Operations Center comes with both Websphere MQ and Webpshere Message Broker, so this is the most obvious integration point I use for testing some ideas. Since […]

Oracle Data Change Notification in Clojure

I have been analysing a work-related thread related to how to integrate database “events”  – i.e. any information that reflects interesting actions or changes and that are currently in a RDBMS – with the IBM IOC. There are many ways to do it but each has different requirements and benefits and this is important when, […]

Speaking in the 2nd Meeting on Formal and Semi-formal Architecture methods

I’ve been invited by ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto – to speak on the subject of SmarterCities and in representation of IBM. I just came back from New York (was there for a week) and actually got some ideas about technology, urbanism and how people interact with them all from observing a city […]

Text Editor Madness Championship: and the winner is…

… Emacs. I find this result very representative and without a doubt something that is completely independent of the raising of awareness in #emacs. This scientific study proves what we already known empirically (that emacs rux0rs, vi sux0rz). I would like to take the opportunity to thank my two-years-old son Dinis for his vote as well: […]

Gramps 3.4 Portuguese translation

I have recently finished translating Gramps 3.4 to Portuguese (Europe), something I had started some time ago but let it bit rot a bit; this revision is quite extensive and I tried to review every existing sentences and make them more harmonious. Here is the po file for download.   The key points of my […]