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Interactive embedded development with uLisp, Arduino and Emacs

As I mentioned in my post about Ada Lisp has a completely different approach in terms of… well, just about everything, beginning with the type system. One important feature of Lisp environments is the high degree if interaction they provide: Lisp Systems allowed for interaction with every part of the system (OS, applications, window manager…) […]

Using MQTT in Common Lisp with ABCL and the Eclipse Paho client

I have recently written some posts about using Clojure to take advantage of Java libraries. The idea of using a Lisp language that can take advantage of existing Java infrastructure is something that can however be achieved in different ways, Clojure being but one of them. On the Scheme side I know at least GNU […]

Publishing messages with MQTT, using Clojure and the Eclipse Paho client

As alluded in my last post I have found that MQTT (MQ Telemetry Protocol) is quite simple to use, and especially so when compared to most other messaging protocols. In particular it’s a great fit for embedded devices or whenever resources are limited, since it’s quite lightweight. From the MQTT page:   MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet […]

Sending messages via Websphere MQ, a simple Clojure example

I have been exploring different ways to integrate information (in the context of SmarterCities work) with a central repository that can be used to correlate it. The IBM Intelligent Operations Center comes with both Websphere MQ and Webpshere Message Broker, so this is the most obvious integration point I use for testing some ideas. Since […]

Oracle Data Change Notification in Clojure

I have been analysing a work-related thread related to how to integrate database “events”  – i.e. any information that reflects interesting actions or changes and that are currently in a RDBMS – with the IBM IOC. There are many ways to do it but each has different requirements and benefits and this is important when, […]